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Together with the Children (TWC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that seeks to achieve the lasting social reintegration of street-involved children and their families in Mexico and beyond.


TWC is a sister organization for the JUCONI Foundation (Junto con los Niños or Together with the Children), a Mexican organization that has been internationally recognized for its unique “educative-therapeutic” intervention. Their methodology effectively combats the fundamental causes of street-involvement and social exclusion. Taking to the street, chronic poverty, and social marginalization are byproducts of intergenerational violence. JUCONI’s nearly two decades of experience and innovation have led to the ongoing development of effective, personalized methodologies that are corroborated by the positive results:


  • More than 80 percent of the 350 children and their families directly attended by JUCONI achieve social reintegration
  • JUCONI now provides training both in Mexico and abroad to more than two dozen like-focused non-governmental organizations and governmental programs, indirectly benefiting thousands of children each year
  • In the U.S., TWC raises awareness of the core issues related to street involvement and social exclusion and promotes the JUCONI program in a variety of ways, among which are:
  • Educational programs for children and youth that are geared toward promoting international mindfulness and participation
  • Insight Trips to visit the JUCONI program in Mexico that provide participants with a first-hand experience and a chance to interact with the children and families JUCONI serves


TWC promotes the guiding principles that have made the JUCONI program so successful:


  • a personalized commitment to each and every child,
  • a focus on quality over quantity,
  • and the importance of taking into account the entire social eco-system of each child to permanently break negative cycles of family violence.

In U.S.A.:
Together With The Children (TWC)
P.O. Box 370188
Denver, CO 80237-0188
Phone: (888) 716-3390
Fax: (303) 697-1144
In Mexico:
Karla Aguilar
+52 (55) 5540-2296
+52 (55) 5540-2297