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Together with the Children is truly unique in that we provide for basic needs and support educational growth but also focus intensely on the root causes of abuse, poverty and street involvement to make lasting changes in the lives of socially excluded children; this means intergenerational cycles of abuse, violence, and social exclusion are finally broken.


Currently we have several on-going projects including the following:


Mother/Father and Child Bonding:

A violence prevention program

The greatest protection there is against violence in later life, is to have experienced a close and special bond with a parent or caregiver.  You can help ensure that parents who themselves experienced violence in their childhood, are able to develop a deep emotional connection with their young children as well as learn to appreciate and respond to their infant´s developmental needs.
Goal: Help us ensure that children under 6 from high risk families grow up in safe and caring homes and have a protective bond with at least one parent.

Access to Medical Services

Help us provide medical check-ups twice a year and access to treatment needed by children living in poverty and affected by family violence, some of whom have lived in the streets.
Goal: Help us ensure access to healthcare services for children affected by violence and/or neglect who do not otherwise have access to health services.

Psycho-education for Youths

Help support this innovative program which helps youngsters who have lived on the street to understand how their bodies respond psychologically and physically to stress. Why do I get besides myself with anger at the least provocation? Why do I feel tired and listless all the time? Knowing what is happening at a neuro-psycho-biological level, can help these youngsters develop more effective coping strategies.
Goal: Help us give timely follow-up to youngsters who are in a transition stage of reintegrating to society and who have been through profoundly painful experiences so that they are able to recover and develop the emotional and social skills they need to prepare themselves for independent life and participate productively in society.

Sports and Recreation

Sports and recreation are essential for the healthy development of any child but for a Juconi child and family, they are an even more important means of making up for lost opportunities to develop everything from motor skills to social skills. Most importantly, they provide the magic ingredients of fun and enjoyment which can turn a child´s life around.

Goal: Ensure JUCONI children grow through regular participation in outdoor leisure and sports activities.

JUCONI Diploma Course Scholarship

for Educators & Social Workers

Please support the professional development of social workers and educators who work with marginalized children affected by violence. All too frequently, Mexico´s neediest children are attended by under-resourced programs with poorly trained staff.  JUCONI´s Diploma course provides much needed training based on cutting edge theoretical information and tried and tested methods.
Goal: Help us improve the standard of care for children affected by violence by providing basic training for those who work directly with these boys and girls.


I want to support street-involved children

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In Mexico:
Karla Aguilar
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