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Impact in Mexico

JUCONI utilizes a rigorous monitoring and evaluation tool to constantly measure the effectiveness of its intervention. JUCONI uses over 35 indicators in the areas of Protection, Provision, and Participation to measure the progress of each child and family. 80% of JUCONI graduates break out of the cycles of chronic poverty and violence to achieve their permanent social integration.

Additionally, JUCONI has developed an evaluation tool to track the long term changes in graduates who have completed the program between 5-10 years ago. Through contacting at least 100 long-term graduates a year, JUCONI is able to measure the sustainability of the positive changes.

Recent evaluations have revealed the following data:
  • Graduates of the JUCONI program exceed the national average for years of schooling. This is particularly notable given that most enter the JUCONI program several years behind in their studies.
  • JUCONI graduates start their families later than their parents did.
  • 74% of JUCONI graduates have maintained or improved their level of social participation. This is measured through indicators in the following areas: regular access to public services, participation in community activities, and fulfillment of civic duties.
  • 96.5% are no longer working or living on the street.

In U.S.A.:
Together With The Children (TWC)
P.O. Box 370188
Denver, CO 80237-0188
Phone: (888) 716-3390
Fax: (303) 697-1144
In Mexico:
Karla Aguilar
+52 (55) 5540-2296
+52 (55) 5540-2297